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Free 20 Minute Mini-Session

All relationships experience distance, disconnect and conflict.  I help couples and families learn to communicate and build a connection that lasts.



I'm Brett

A fun-loving dad of six, lucky husband to my wife, Kelsey, marriage and family therapist, and certified life and relationship coach. The work that I do is all about transforming relationships from disconnected patterns of conflict to feelings of understanding, connection, and passion. I bring the best tools that are found in the therapy and coaching fields that solve even the toughest relationship problems. I cannot wait to share them with you!

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Therapy is for residents in the state of Minnesota who are looking to address deeper hurts or trauma within the relationship.  It's an intensive, longer-term approach to restore trust and rebuild the relationship.  It can be done in-person or via telehealth. 

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Coaching is for anyone, regardless of place of residence, who want to develop communication skills and bring their relationship to a place of connection and passion.  Coaching can be done on countless different topics, but looks toward the future and the goals the clients have set.  It can be done in-person, or via a video call.

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A Marriage Course

If you need help in your relationships but want to move at your own pace without the hassle of scheduling, this is for you! All of the best relationship advice is found here in a logical and practical, life-applicable way.

This podcast is for you. The one who wants to learn ways to serve their relationship. You might not be on the brink of breaking up, but you want to invest and be intentional in your relationship to make whatever issues you're dealing with easier.  Listen in. Here you will learn new ways of creating change. You will learn to understand your conflict cycle and become a cycle breaker! You will learn to create the connection you want and the partnership that is possible. You listen, you learn, you apply, you both change!

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      Brett is a warm, compassionate, and skilled therapist. Highly recommend.

       Every session I have with Brett are packed full of realistic and applicable advice and perspectives to help alleviate my feelings and manage my relationships.

       Brett's ability to hear what I was dealing with yet push me to think about it another way opened up possibilities in my relationship that I wouldn't have seen on my own.

      I can't thank you enough. No one has ever made as much of an impact, so quickly. Your professional training and direction are a great match for both of us!

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3 Steps to your best life:

Schedule a 20 minute mini-session with Brett

Enjoy powerful and productive sessions

Feel the difference with effective,   lasting change




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