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I'm Brett

A fun-loving dad of six and lucky husband to my wife Kelsey. I'm your classic entrepreneur at heart- that little kid leaving handwritten flyers in the neighbors mailboxes, eager to mow lawns and build a business. My true passion, though, is working with people just like you as we begin to create the lives and relationships you desire! 


1:1 Therapy

Brett has the knowledge, resources, and tools to help you get to a better place. He has experience in therapy for individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma, and addictions. He specializes in therapy for couples and relationships.

Support Group

1:1 Coaching

Here Brett offers his time and focus to couples who are struggling with connection and communication in their relationship. He helps you locate and eliminate underlying causes to guide you into your dream relationship.

Working Mother


A Marriage Course

If you need help in your relationships, but want to move at your own pace without the hassle of scheduling, this is for you! All of the best relationship advice is found here in a logical and practical, life applicable way.

This podcast is for you. The one who knows that there are so many great things about your relationship, BUT... it just feels like the arguing is endless. You want to stay together so bad, but it just feels so painful. Listen in. Here you will learn new ways of creating change. You will learn to understand the beast that is conflict and you will learn how to tame it. You will learn to create the connection you want and the partnership that is possible. You listen, you learn, you apply, you both change.

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      Brett is a warm, compassionate, and skilled therapist. Highly recommend.

       Every session I have with Brett are packed full of realistic and applicable advice and perspectives to help alleviate my feelings and manage my relationships.

       Brett's ability to hear what I was dealing with yet push me to think about it another way opened up possibilities in my relationship that I wouldn't have seen on my own.

      I can't thank you enough. No one has ever made as much of an impact, so quickly. Your professional training and direction are a great match for both of us!

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