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Our #1 Marriage Secret

Why your marriage is distant & disconnected. (hint, it isn’t why you think!)

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A loving relationship can be wonderful.  It creates such a secure bond, a meaning to life, an experience that is unmatchable.  But it can also be easy to become complacent and fall into unhealthy communication patterns, bringing heartache, fear, frustration, and resentment in the relationship.  Every couple experiences conflict at some point in their relationship, (trust me, even those that look perfect from the outside!) It’s how the conflict is handled that makes all the difference.  


If you want a different outcome with your conflict you have come to the right place. In this FREE video, I will teach you the #1 Relationship Secret that will uncover the reason for the disconnect, conflict and distance between you and your partner. I have worked with thousands of different couples teaching them this secret and watching them transform their relationship, just as it has transformed my own! 


Don't lose your relationship to the confusion of conflict! Watch this free video today to be one of the couples that have the tools to navigate challenges and come out stronger and more connected than ever.

3 Steps towards a more connected & passionate relationship!

Step 1

Sign up to get the #1 Relationship Secret that will reveal what is really causing the disconnect or distance in your relationship. 

Step 2

Watch the video and see your relationship in a whole new way. (You’ll find that the source of conflict really isn’t what you think!!)

Step 3

Get access to your free Relationship Discovery Call where you will get a personalized roadmap for your relationship.  
Learn to use this secret to reconnect and really bring you to a connected and passionate relationship!

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Just for watching our #1 Relationship Secret Video

You will receive an exclusive opportunity for a personalized Relationship Roadmap!!

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  • feel a sense of togetherness

  • grow in your relationship

  • resolve your toughest issues

  • reconnect during conflict

  • communicate without fighting


You have come to the right place!​

If you are ready to:


Presented by Brett Nikula of Pivotal Approach, Therapist and Certified Relationship Coach

Hi! I'm Brett. As a licensed marriage and family therapist and an LCS certified relationship coach, it is my true passion to work with individuals and couples to create the loving connections they crave. Whether you're looking to reconnect, rebuild or repair your relationship I am equipped to guide you in the process. This process can be done together as a couple or alone(You can do this!!). The tools and concepts I teach are the absolute best from within the therapy and coaching industries. These practices are evidence-based, and I will help you apply them to your life in solution-focused ways. You can be like the many other couples who are reconnecting with their partner, creating the relationship they've imagined, or finally getting back to the one they had! Yours can be next, and I am ready to show you how!

I teach you the skills you need so you can feel connection and passion in your relationships.

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