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Free Marriage Webinar!!

How to Have A Connected and Passionate Marriage

Without Years of Painful Therapy

Get your seat before time runs out!

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Special Web Class:

March 16th @ 11 AM CST

(Get your limited seat)

      ONLY 50 SPOTS AVAILABLE!      

*We keep our webinars super limited in order to serve everyone who attends.*

What You Will Learn on This Free Webinar Class...

Secret # 1

The #1 problem in relationships and why you haven't been able to fix it

Secret # 2

The 2 Ingredients that are needed for a connected and passionate marriage and how to know if you have them

Secret # 3

The most powerful way to have a loving and caring relationship even if your partner isn't interested in getting help



Just for attending the webinar...

You will receive exclusive access to our
Connected Couples Campus!!

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

  • feel a sense of togetherness

  • grow in your relationship

  • resolve your toughest issues

  • reconnect during conflict

  • create a magical love


You have come to the right place!​

If you are ready to:


Presented by Brett Nikula of Pivotal Approach, Therapist and Certified Relationship Coach

Hi! I'm Brett. As a therapist and a coach, it is my true passion to work with individuals and couples to create the loving connections they crave. Whether you're looking to reconnect, rebuild or repair your relationship, either with yourself or someone important in your life,  I am equipped to guide you in the process. The tools and concepts I teach are the absolute best from within the therapy and coaching industries. These practices are evidence-based and I help you apply them to your life in solution-focused ways. You can be like one of the many other couples who are reconnecting with their partner, creating the relationship they've imagined, or finally getting back to the one they had! Yours can be next, and I am ready to show you how!

I teach you the skills you need so you can feel connection and passion.


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