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Learn how to strengthen your marriage by increasing connection, love, freedom, and communication!

Having A Strong and Connected Relationship is the Best.


When you improve your love it can positively impact every part of your life: your health, your wealth, your kids future, and so much more. Like joining a gym, this membership provides the tools and equipment you need to strengthen and grow your relationships. The one you have with your significant other and the one you have with yourself. You see, the most effective way to change your outside relationships for the better is to manage you.


For that reason, this course works if you are joining as a couple or if you're alone. It works if you're married, committed, divorced, or single and looking for the best possible future. Making the investment into the Connected Couples Campus keeps you on the path of wellness.

W H A T   T O   E X P E C T :

- 11 lesson flagship course, chock-full of high-quality information on how to grow and develop your relationship

- the opportunity to attend live group coaching calls with Brett every week

- a chance for direct support at a fraction of the cost of therapy or coaching

- pose all your questions anonymously if desired

- 24/7 access to content/videos/resources + group chat
- the chance to learn from other couples
- tools you need to solve any marriage or relationship issue
- learn how to identify triggers and process through resentments
- increase connection without sacrificing your individuality/autonomy
- communicate with vulnerability and respect
- change the relationship/dance without needing to change your spouse
- learn to communicate through 'hot button' issues so they don'
t have to be huge argument topics anymore

In long-term relationships it can be easy to become complacent. You may not recognize unhealthy habits or communication patterns because you've never been taught what they look like. Having a couples coach can make all the difference to tackle common marital issues like intimacy, parenting, money, or whatever is pressing. This course can do that for you without the need to pay for expensive one-on-one coaching, but with all the benefits.

There is no better investment than in yourself and your marriage. Choose to be happy and learn to live out your happily ever after!

So many couples find relief as they begin to understand the underlying cause of the distance and the conflicts. They feel hope as they begin to see the power of the tools we offer. As course participants apply the information they learn here, new experiences are created and a renewed feeling of connection and security is born.

Loving Couple

You are ready for a new relationship and the Connected Couples Campus has already accepted your application! Join us as we teach you all the things you need to know to take your relationship to a whole new level!



I 'm Brett!

I'm the guy there next to my beautiful wife, Kelsey. It's a well-known fact that many therapists get into the business because they want to help people. That holds true for me. Growing up in a large family (11 kids!) I learned the value of feeling seen and heard. I learned by example the importance of good communication in order to keep a relationship strong. I took that learning and compounded on it. I made it my passion. I combined these two things, the passion, and the desire to help, in order to arrive here at the Connected Couples Campus. I wanted to find a way to help couples keep their relationships strong, to rekindle the love, and to walk into the best possible future, together. I believe I have done that with this campus, and I am excited to share it with you!

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          We are enjoying the course and find its definitely thought provoking and interesting to see each others point of view on the different questions. Its helping us see what we tend to do when things are going awry. But for reals thanks for putting this together I feel like it's opening us up to topics and understanding of each other a little better. We cant wait to continue in the course!
   -Jaana & Anthony B,
CCC Beta Group Participant

          This course will be life changing for my relationship. I am doing this course alongside of working on my personal mental health, and for the first time in a long time I am excited about my relationship again.

   - CCC Beta Group Participant


          So we have been working through the lessons at a slower pace (love the busy-ness of summer) but so far have really been enjoying them. They've brought up many conversations that some have been hard to have, but are so so good in the end- helps us understand each other so much better. It's been great to be able to put a bit of time when we can into playing the lessons and answering questions- especially because since our baby was born it's seemed like we really don't have much time together or just to sit around and hash - and working through the connected couples campus lessons has given us that time to just be together and talk etc. Anyways, we are loving them so far! Thank you so much for doing this- it will seriously benefit so so many people!!

   -Cassie & Kyle S.

CCC Beta Group Participant

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