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Relationship Coaching

Resolve the Conflict and Feel the Connection!

Rekindle the love; live the magic.

Clear Relationship Direction!

Relationship coaching is done through video calls and is perfect for the individual or couple that is ready to level up their relationship. While therapy is focused on healing, coaching is focused on conflict management, communication skill development, and growth within the relationship. 

If you are feeling burnt out or frustrated with your relationship dynamic...

If you are starting to feel resentful toward your partner...

If you feel like your relationship is spinning out of control...

If you want a good relationship, but you just can't seem to get there...

If you are getting tired of trying new things only to end up in the same place...

If you want to put an end to the hurt...


      ...I get it.



I teach couples how they can change their relationship so that it fosters intimacy and connection.

Most couples are spending tons of energy trying to manage each other and it just isn't working. My approach teaches couples how they can truly change the relationship to have the feeling of love and closeness they want. This unique approach creates lasting results in your relationship that continues beyond our work together. 

Hugging by the Beach

     In our coaching sessions you will:

  • Experience directive and interactive sessions specific to your relationship.

  • Understand the 'whys' and 'hows' of your relationship dynamics.

  • Stop the cycle of hurt.

  • Learn lifelong relationship skills that should have been taught in high school, but never were.

  • Know what you need to do for your relationship.

  • Find relief and regain trust within your relationship.

  • Create a relationship that is stronger and deeper than it ever was before.

It only takes you (but you can learn with your partner!) to change the communication pattern that is keeping you apart. Don't miss out on the love that is there in your relationship. The saddest thing I see in relationships today is that couples love each other but fail to communicate it in a way that the other person can feel. This keeps the couple distant and disconnected. Make sure you aren't one of these couples. Learn how to communicate to open the love that you both have for each other.

Sign up for our free initial session and in 30 minutes you will discover what is truly driving your conflict and see the power you have to create the magic you want.

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Hi, I'm Brett and that's my lovely wife Kelsey! One thing about me that helps me in my job is that I absolutely enjoy getting to know new people and I cannot wait to meet you, too!  I am a professional therapist and certified life coach helping couples and individuals have their dream relationships!  My job is to show you the cause of the problems in your relationship and to teach you new skills that will create the change you long for. Your job is to take that bold first step and start creating change today- what are you waiting for?

Brett Nikula | Therapist | Life Coach

This podcast is for you. The one who knows that there are so many great things about your relationship, BUT... it just feels like the arguing is endless. You want to stay together so bad, but it just feels so painful. Listen in. Here you will learn new ways of creating change. You will learn to understand the beast that is conflict and you will learn how to tame it. You will learn to create the connection you want and the partnership that is possible. You listen, you learn, you apply, you both change.

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Couple in Bed

I am ready for change in my relationship, sign me up!

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Couple in Bed
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