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Create the connection you dream of with...

our unique-yet-proven set of tools and not-your-typical relationship advice to reach the relationship you desire.

Learn the #1 secret tool Brett has discovered to teach thousands of couples how to be in healthy, healing, happy relationships!
Normally $98
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What could that look like?

It might mean freedom (from worry and anxiety) ...


Or, it might mean ...

You've probably tried SO MANY THINGS already. But we wonder..


  • Do you feel like your relationship is going no where?

  • Are you confused about what changed from the early days of your relationship?

  • Do you wish your spouse would just get on board already?

  • Do you want a relationship that feels cozy and connected?

  • Does it feel like your relationship is in extremes, either always bickering or hardly talking at all?
    If you said "THATS MY RELATIONSHIP" to any of  these questions, then it's time for you to join our Connected Couples Campus community. Let's get you in, so your relationship can feel good again.

Couple by the Beach

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This was made for YOU.

After joining our membership you will have the skills to....



Presented by Brett Nikula of Pivotal Approach, Therapist and Certified Relationship Coach

Hi! I'm Brett. As a licensed marriage and family therapist and an LCS certified relationship coach, it is my true passion to work with individuals and couples to create the loving connections they crave. Whether you're looking to reconnect, rebuild or repair your relationship I am equipped to guide you in the process. This process can be done together as a couple or alone(You can do this!!). The tools and concepts I teach are the absolute best from within the therapy and coaching industries. These practices are evidence-based, and I will help you apply them to your life in solution-focused ways. You can be like the many other couples who are reconnecting with their partner, creating the relationship they've imagined, or finally getting back to the one they had! Yours can be next, and I am ready to show you how!

I teach you the skills you need so you can feel connection and passion in your relationships.

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