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How you love is how you live.

Rekindle your love and relight your life through increased connection, communication, and intimacy.

- Jaana B.| CCC Member

Brett totally changed our relationship and helped us realize we wanted the same thing for our future and love to grow. It [is] so encouraging and uplifting. Our relationship has changed and we both are showing up for each other more then ever before!


All couples go through ups and downs. When things are going good, you feel on top of the world. Life is great.  But sometimes it feels like you’re in the pits.  You wonder if you really know your partner. You wonder if it’s ever going to end. You might find yourself holding back… waiting. Is it safe to come out? Alternatively, you might be the kind of person who wants to get to the bottom of things.  Why is there distance? What went wrong??  Either way, you are disconnected from your partner. And it feels so discouraging.


You wish there was something to help, a way to feel connected again, to feel in love again. 


If this is you, you have found exactly what you need in coming here today. For a limited time, I am offering a free relationship discovery call.  I will sit down with you and we will discover what’s causing the pain in your relationship and I will give you a roadmap to resolve the disconnect. This process is completely life-changing and has helped thousands of couples get a better, more connected and passionate relationship. 


You will begin to understand your partner. You will come to realize you really are on the same team!  When you understand your partner, when you sense the togetherness again, the loving comes easy.


You don’t need to bring anything into this session. You don’t even need to bring your partner.  In this call, I will help you understand just what it is that is creating disconnect inside your relationship so you can reach to each other for support and comfort.  You’ll experience greater intimacy and feel the spark again!


Change your relationship dynamics forever. When your relationship feels good, so do you! 


Schedule your free relationship discovery call HERE


The decision to stay in a mediocre relationship struggling to move out of the disconnected communication patterns,  or to move to a loving and passionate relationship is yours to make. 


Give reconnection a shot and invite more freedom and joy into your relationship:


Remember, this is a limited time offer.

Schedule your free relationship discovery call now.

Don’t settle for the disconnect, take action to create a relationship you deserve. One that is better, stronger, and more deeply in love than ever. You deserve a secure, connected, and loving relationship. A relationship that can tackle all the issues- from kids, household items, money, sex, and even which restaurant to eat at- and stay connected.

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          We are really enjoying Brett's help and find it's definitely thought provoking. It's helping us see what we tend to do when things are going awry. For reals, thanks for putting this together! I feel like it's opening us up to topics and understanding of each other.
   -Jaana & Anthony B,


          Brett's work has been life changing for my relationship. I am doing this alongside of working on my personal mental health, and for the first time in a long time I am excited about my relationship again!!

   - Trisha L.


          We have been working with Brett at a slower pace. It has brought up many conversations and working through the homework has given us time to just be together and talk etc. Anyways, we are loving the renewed feelings we have! Thank you so much for doing this- it will seriously benefit so so many people!!

   -Cassie & Kyle S.

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You're ready now, so, what do you need to do to get started?




CLICK HERE to sign up for your free call.

Get a personalized roadmap to reconnection in your relationship

Apply the tools to your relationship and enjoy a closer bond with your partner!

Loving Couple

You don’t need to bring anything into this call except you. Together we will discover the source of your distance. It works if you're married, committed, divorced, or single and looking for the best possible future. You’ve waited long enough. You’ve tried so many things on your own and there has been no magical turn around.

Every relationship has tough moments, but sometimes it feels like those moments are taking over. Figuring out how to resolve them can feel impossible- like you need a magic wish. Be one of the many who are finding that wish and reconnecting with their partners, creating the marriage they imagined, or finally getting back to the one they had! A secure connection doesn't have a price. 

And together, we can create magic.

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