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Are your tools failing you?

Let’s face it. Sometimes there isn’t a trick in the book that will get you out of the mood you’re in. But wait: what about time?

This week my wife, Kelsey, and I had a conversation. I reacted to it. Kelsey counter-reacted. We both ended up feeling pretty bad, pretty fast.

It seemed to come out of nowhere and it escalated for no reason at all. The more we talked , the more we both seemed to feel hurt. We tried the tricks, but they didn’t trick us!

So, we waited. We got some sleep. We returned to it. It heated up. It got left. We got some more sleep. We returned to it again. This time, Kelsey, with the gift that she has, softly approached me and asked if we could be happy again. It worked! That was the key to us being able to process through all the little pieces of hurt that had occured during the escalated times. This is when we implemented all the tricks (again). But first, it seemed, we needed time.

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