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Attractive Traits

Our results are based off of our actions. So many people get stuck in their relationships because they are trying to get their partners to change. They are looking to their spouse to accept them, or like them, or love them just as they are. If you read the last email, you will already know that you are lovable no matter what your spouse or others think.

Still, there are definitely certain actions and behaviors that humans have a harder time appreciating. Moving towards actions and behaviors that come from a place of genuine care, curiosity, love, compassion, inclusion, appreciation, and joy are ones found to be very attractive. These are the things that humans connect with. When you are consciously choosing these actions for yourself, and not seeking validation, you are not so reactive to others responses. You can allow them to be them, and you can still show up with care.

Do the work on you so others don’t have to validate you. Do the work for you so you’re not looking for others to prove you matter to them, you are liked by them, you are loved by them, etc.

This is not a time to be sitting back and waiting for connections to come to you; you are setting out to create the connections you desire. Do this, and then you can be the person that holds space for others. Super attractive.

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