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Doing Things Differently

So many couples are looking for the quick fix. The solution that gets them to a better feeling relationship. The truth is, so much of your relationship is a result of what you are doing and how you are doing it. For example, a couple might come in and share that they are struggling in their relationship. They may say that they don't have any time for each other. But, when they look at their calendar's, they aren’t willing to let anything go.

This can happen with calendars sometimes, but it can also happen with any behavior that is having an impact on your relationship. If you are on your phone too much, are you willing to put it down? Yelling too much - are you able to let it go?

The point is there isn't a podcast, a therapist, or a really good book that is going to change your relationship. At some point you need to do things differently. Think differently, feel differently, act differently. It's the difference between getting a gym membership and going to the gym, between feeling productive and actually producing results.

The good news in this is that you can change your relationship in many ways - today! You can do this without any podcasts, coaches, therapists, or books. Many of you already know what you need to do to create a better relationship if you really look within.

Consider these items and do them. And when you do these things, you will find that it isn’t the easy fix. It may not be the quick fix. But it can fix a lot if we do it consistently and persistently.

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