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Gratitude and Your Relationship

Have you ever wanted something? Like, really, reeally wanted it? I have.

I have wanted things so bad that it hurt.

And I am more careful about wanting than I ever have been before. Particularly in my relationship. Wanting takes away from what you already have. From what you’ve been able to experience. It never feels good.

When I find myself wanting in my relationship I find it fosters discontentment. Wishing for more. For different. For “better.” It disconnects us from what is with us today.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that my own relationship has given me so much good. It has taught me so many lessons that can’t be taught in a classroom. Lessons that no tuition can provide. It has given me experiences that can only be felt and created with another. It has brought joy and pain. Comfort and frustration. It’s this very duality that has created a full and wonderful experience. And in this realization I can begin to feel grateful.

And feeling grateful feels good. The best feeling in the world is seeing what an amazing relationship I have. I conscientiously choose to see this. To feel this.

And you can, too.

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