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Great things are happening here!

If you continue to hang around with us (and we love when you do!) we’ve got some exciting things in store! We are deep in the planning process here, muddling our way through new experiences with the best of them. We do this with an undercurrent of energetic excitement (pretty sure that’s not just all the coffee we’ve consumed), because we cannot wait to share the fun with you! Not only are we pulling together some FREE resources, we plan to fill your inboxes each week (and thusly, your lives) with all of the best ways to strengthen your relationships. BUT FIRST! We are pleased to introduce our favorite behind-the-scenes gal, Emma. She will be taking care of the nitty-gritty details so that Brett can focus even more of his time with you.


After all that, you may still be wondering, why Save the Date?? What date am I saving? Find out all about it in our next post!

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