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Have you Tried on a Mother's Love?

In my experience so far, there are few things more amazing than that of a mothers love. All of you mothers out there are natural examples of how to truly care for and love.

Thank you

for what you do

in making

the world






I recently was traveling alone to camp a few hours away. While I was driving, I considered for some time this love that mothers hold. It appears to me to be an instinct for them and it’s an ability I envy. I recognize that love doesn't seem to come as naturally to me. Love is something that I have to work on.

Naturally, my thoughts turned to my favorite subject. I wondered: what would it be like in a marriage if we both loved each other like so many mothers love their children? Today, society has worked to move our marriages out of the role of serving each other. It seems to want us to question "what have you done for me lately?" It wants us to hold expectation. This kind of thought process seems to create highly passionate relationships that fizzle and struggle as the motivation to impress each other wears off.

When we apply a mother’s love toward our spouse, we don’t measure what we have received. We don’t consider if it’s worth it to continue loving. We love because we care. And we care because they’ve been given to us. This seems to be a much more sustainable model for developing a lasting connection.

The other thing that came to mind on that drive is a mother’s ability to know when their child is experiencing pain. In many of the marriages that I work with, pain is felt by both spouses. Learning how to see the pain that your spouse is experiencing can allow for you to care for them in their pain. This seems to be an element of strong and connected marriages- caring for the pain of both individuals.

This weekend let’s celebrate the sacrifice, service, and love that mothers have shown to the world. Let’s use their example to continue adding love, care, and kindness into our world. And maybe, just maybe, it’s what our relationship needs a little more of.

This Mother’s Day Take a look around you and consider what there is to learn from the mothers all around us. Is it possible for you and I to love and care for another person in the same way? It’s an interesting thought to put on. Consider it, too.

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