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It's Time to Commit

Often times it’s the pain in the relationship that finally gets a couple to slow down and prioritize it. Then, as the motivation wears off couples seem to quickly return to the ways of the past. Commitment is the next step. Commitment requires doing things even when you don’t feel like it. Commitment will require intention and attention to your new ways as your brain slowly slips back into old habits. If you want change, you need commitment. How can you develop this?

  1. Create measureable goals.

  2. Develop a process that will acheive your goal.

  3. Write this process down and put it in your calendar. Decide when you’re going to do the process ahead of time.

  4. Do it!

People who write their goals and processes down are 80% more likely to complete it. Once you have a goal and the process to get there written down, complete it! If you miss a time or event in your process, return to it immediately. The most important part is to create a habit of returning to your process. Then, one day you will look up, and your goal may be staring you in the face.

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