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Making You Make Sense

If you are anything like me you experience big emotions. Often times my brain likes to blame these emotions on things outside of myself. The truth is, these big emotions are because of me. And your big emotions are because of you.

The experiences we have shape our response system. The feelings of shame and rejection, of loneliness and disconnection, these become connected to your sense of danger.

It’s an important thing to realize. Because sometimes our big emotions feel so true and they hurt so bad and feel so scary we truly believe we’re in exteme danger. Yet, they just aren’t accurate.

When we blame these emotions on things outside of ourselves, then our only course of action is to try change or control those things. This tends to be where the problems arrive because we simply have no control or ability to change these things. Not even through begging, pleading, yelling, crying, or hyper-vigilance.

By slowing things down and getting curious about the emotions within us, we can begin to see that they really make sense. You can see that this isn’t a problem with your spouse, circumstances, or life. And it’s not a problem with you. It’s a result of your life. Of your experiences. And of how your brain makes sense of them.

From this place you can begin to reshape and shift the way you feel. In turn, this impacts the relationships that you have with the world around you and everyone in it.

You are human, which means you need connection. And sometimes your emotions can block you from the very connection you want. Through intention you can make sense of all your emotions and shift your emotional experience. By shifting your emotional experience you can create more connection.

This is something you can do!

Let’s do it together. We won’t ever be perfect at this, but we can recognize our emotions. Through this, we can heal, and we can become people who help others heal. And if there is any one thing that makes this messy life we live a little bit more manageable, it’s connection.

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