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Not Getting Anything from Your Marriage?

When I met my wife Kelsey, I knew I was getting the total package. She is an amazing, wonderful human. But then, something changed.

She didn’t give me everything I ever wanted. I wanted her to make me happy when I was sad. I wanted her to make me feel amazing every time I was with her. And maybe even when I wasn't. I wanted her to always be happy, to never complain. I wanted our relationship to be fun and exciting all the time. She fell short. Or so I thought.

Society does a wonderful job of creating the narrative that a good spouse will give you everything. But, as I sat at my sister-in-laws wedding something clicked.

Where in that wedding did it say we were supposed to get all these things? What if the whole reason I got married was to serve? What if my job was to focus less on what I am getting and more on what I am giving?My entire perspective change in this simple moment at that wedding.

Kelsey had not fallen short.

She has been there for me the whole time.

There for me to serve.

The total package.

An amazing and wonderful human.

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