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One of the Saddest Things I See

Is Miscommunication Keeping You Apart?

When I ask couples how they want to treat their spouse, I invariably get told they desire to treat their spouse well. They desire to approach all interactions with kindness and care. I believe that at a high level we all want to show up with care toward others.

Despite this, as we move into relationships our emotions often get the best of us. Just as we want to care for others, we all desire to be accepted, liked, and cared for. Our care for each other can often get lost inside the anxiety of wanting to be cared for.

It is so sad to see two people who love each other lose that love inside a pattern of miscommunication. If conflict is pushing your relationship apart I suggest making sure you’re communicating one thing clearly. That one thing is this: you care about them and you desire to stay connected.

The cycle of our conflict can create confusion in a hurry and have both you and your partner behaving from a reactionary place. This can leave you both feeling like the other doesn’t care about you. If you’re ready to move away from this feeling, join forces with your spouse. Interrupt your conflict and reestablish the love and care you want to share, together.

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