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The Value of Forgiveness

Perfection is a hard bar to achieve. When we are in relationships so much happens that can feel hurtful. So much happens that is challenging. Navigating through these moments can be difficult and lead to lasting beliefs in the relationship. You might think, ‘I can’t trust them.’ You might think, ‘They must not really care.’

We feel we need them to prove something before we can forgive them.

In relationships free from physical abuse or other extenuating circumstances that can’t all be mentioned here, there is almost no risk to forgiving. Almost no risk to allowing your partner to come close. Most of the hurt that we experience in relationships are because of us and not because of them.

We are insecure. We depend on others to create opinions about ourselves. We look for others to help us believe things about ourselves we worry aren’t true. When our partner doesn’t show up just right, we experience hurt.

Being able to forgive allows us a reset. It allows for you to begin to move toward. To move toward your partner for no reason other than to love them. To be close.

Love like that can change a life. It can change a relationship. I know.

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