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Light and Shadow

We're here to help you love your life, and your relationships! 

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We all have challenges. Challenges aren't meant to be navigated alone. 

Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to ask for professional help. We want to feel like we can do it on our own. But I think we are much better on our own when we can work together. I understand the importance of positive connections and professional guidance.  The most successful people have a community of support that they can rely on for life's challenges. So often my clients tell me their only regret is that they wish they would have reached out sooner.



No matter what you're facing, we can find relief for your situation. One where the cause of your challenge is quickly identified and resolved.  You may feel disconnected, frustrated, or furious in your relationship.  Or you wish to find new ways to love your partner.  Or maybe you've been struggling to communicate.  Or, this is the last step before you call a lawyer.   

Whatever it is, you came here looking for answers and we have them!  The goal is to equip you with the skills for your situation, so you don't need to seek therapy or coaching sessions for years.  I've combined my clinical skills with my coaching approach that allows me to be more hands-on, directive, and tailor the sessions to your circumstances.  My education paired with extending trainings enables me to bring my clients the best support, techniques and evidence based practices.  

No one can do it all alone.

Happy relationships bring us the most joy in the world, yet you've never formally learned how to have a successful one.  With our help, we are confident you will feel more connected and fulfilled with your relationship.  Reach out to us today to book your free 20-minute session where you can come into our intentionally curated office, or you can do it all from the comfort and convenience of your own home with safe, secure video calls! .



Brett Nikula, LMFT - Therapist | Life Coach

When you sign up with us, you work with Brett

"Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I take an honest, caring, and genuine approach to everyone who reaches out. I love connecting with people so they feel relaxed and comfortable, and I strive wholeheartedly to achieve measurable success with each one – that includes you.

My career of working with people began at one of my first jobs where I worked with the kids at the Boys and Girls Club. I loved connecting with the kids there and learned so much about the resilience of the human spirit, the universal desire to be accepted, and the joy that is naturally contained within each one of us as human beings.

I noticed that the kids that had a good support system could navigate through difficult situations in a better way. When they felt supported they seemed to learn the necessary tools more naturally. I wanted to help provide these things to everyone, and I searched for a way to do it. I fully believe I have found that here with Pivotal Approach.

My passion is working with individuals and couples who want to learn new ways of creating peace and happiness in their life and connection in their relationships. 

I am also a certified life coach! I love how therapy and coaching neatly tie research and science together with humanity. Connection and healing is an art form as well as a learned skill! I enjoy bringing my skills together to create change in my clients’ lives to produce efficient, effective, and everlasting results.  I believe the client/coach and client/therapist relationship is the most important part of the process which is why I offer a free 20 minute consultation to show you how I can help and ensure we are a good fit!


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


M.S. Marriage & Family Therapy- St. Cloud State University

Life Coach School Coach Certification

B.S. Community Psychology St. Cloud State University


ART - Accelerated Resolution Therapy for Trauma

EFT - Emotionally Focused Therapy for Relationships

CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Theory

DBT - Dialectal Behavioral Theory

Prepare-Enrich for Couples

Systems Theory

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