All About You

Guidance for your life.

When you hire a professional, you expect results. You want to see accomplishment – significant return on your investment. You want something that will add value to your life.

You hire me to provide results; I am ready to get to work. I’m committed to providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals and to continuing to track your progress even after your coaching is complete.



From the moment we meet, I promise you an experience far different from what you might expect. My first priority is creating a comfortable environment. Through answering your questions, explaining the technology we use, and showing you the future that is possible, I create a smooth and comfortable experience.

We solve the problems, help you reach your goals.

The first order of business for us is to take care of the presenting problem. It may be the conflict your are having in your relationship, a goal that you want to achieve, or a business you want to grow. You came here looking for answers lets find them!

We teach you the skills to resolve these problems on your own.

While nothing can replace a coach that is removed from the situation to help create change. The skills that help you with this situation can be used with many other situations that you face and find difficult. We will learn and use them together but you will be able to use them for the rest of your life.

Lets get together for you.

Let’s get to work building you into the person you want to be. We will create the blueprint of your desired life, then get to work preparing the foundation. Once we have established a solid surface to build upon we get to work creating a life that is yours. We’re going to harness your desire for change and move toward a fully optimized life.



Brett Nikula      |      Therapist

A bit about me...

With a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) from St. Cloud State University, I take an honest, caring, and genuine approach to everyone in my care. I love connecting with people to ensure they feel relaxed and comfortable, and I strive wholeheartedly to achieve measurable success with each one – that includes you.

This passion began at one of my first jobs. I loved working at the Boys and Girls Club and connecting with the kids who participated in the program. I learned about the resilience of the human spirit. The universal desire to be accepted. And the joy that is naturally contained within.

I saw this most when the kids that I worked with had a good support system. I found when the youth at the Boys and Girls Club felt supported and learned the tools necessary, they could better navigate through difficult situations. 

No one can do it all, alone.

We all need support. Those that learn how to surround themselves with the support system they need, succeed. Having strong mental health allows us to develop a strong support system.

Knowing that mental health is on a continuum, I’m confident that each person can grow in this area. This growth results in better relationships, finances, and quality of life. Pivotal Approach Therapy focuses on doing just that.

My passion is working with men, couples, and adolescents who want therapy to find contentment, connection, and confidence. . I can help people feel at ease to talk openly about all situations in life and how to overcome them.

I have focused training in trauma, accelerated resolution therapy (ART), emotionally focused therapy (EFT), Prepare/Enrich, (CBT), (DBT), and do all my work from a systems theory. I am also a certified life coach! I look at your relationships and how they affect your mental health. I love how therapy nicely ties research and science together with the art of connection and healing. I enjoy bringing my skill of creating change in my clients’ lives to produce efficient, effective, and lasting results

I look forward to working with you in a complimentary 20-minute session.