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Relationship Coaching

Solve the Conflict, Feel the Love

Relight your love
and experience increased connection, communication, and intimacy.

Sign up for a free 20 minute consultation to see if relationship coaching is a good fit for you!

Most couples are spending tons of energy trying to manage each other and it just isn't working. Often they're left feeling tired, resentful, lonely, burnt out,  and on the verge of giving up. My approach teaches couples how they can truly change the relationship. I teach them how to reach the feeling of love and closeness they want. How to foster intimacy and connection. 


This unique approach creates lasting results that will continue and grow beyond our work together. 

     In our coaching sessions you will:

  • Understand the root cause of your relationship pain.

  • Understand the 'whys' and 'how's' of your relationship dynamics.

  • learn how to stop the cycles of hurt, frustration, disconnect, and distance.

  • Learn lifelong relationship skills that will benefit ALL of your relationship.

  • Be given clear directives on what to do next.

  • Create a relationship that is stronger, more secure, and deeper than it ever was before.

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You can absolutely work with your partner on this, but it really only takes you. You can change the communication pattern that is keeping you apart. You can change the relationship, all on your own, with or without your partner's buy-in. Don't miss out on the love that is inside your relationship. The saddest thing I see in relationships today are those couples who love each other so much, but fail to communicate it in a way that works for their relationship. Ultimately, these relationships struggle and even fall apart. Make sure you aren't one of those couples.


Learn how to open up the love that you have for each other

through clear and direct communication.

Don’t settle for where you are today, take action to create the relationship that is possible. One that is better, stronger, and more deeply in love than ever. You deserve a secure, connected, and loving relationship. A relationship that can navigate through all the issues- from kids, household items, money, sex, or which restaurant to eat at- and stay connected.

Sign up for our free consultation and you will discover what is truly driving your disconnect.

See the power you have to create the magic you want.


[Brett] totally changed my mindset on how I thought my husband wanted our relationship to be and gave me to tools that allowed me to realize we wanted the same thing for our future. It is so encouraging and uplifting.

- Stacey B.| Coaching Client


You're ready now, so, what do you need to do to get started?




CLICK HERE to sign up for a free consultation with your coach, Brett!

Get coached independently  or together with your partner.  (It's true, even independent work will give you amazing results!!)

Enjoy a loving and intimate relationship that you'll want to keep forever!

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          This is life changing for my relationship. I am doing this alongside of working on my personal mental health, and for the first time in a long time I am excited about my relationship again!!

   - Coaching Client



          We are really enjoying this and find it's definitely thought provoking. It's helping us see what we tend to do when things are going awry. For reals, thanks for putting this together! I feel like it's opening us up to topics and a better understanding of each other. 

   -Jaana & Anthony B

           The calls have brought up many conversations and it has given us time to just be together and talk etc. We are loving each call! Thank you so much for doing this!!

   -Cassie & Kyle S.

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Couple in Bed

Attend a free 20-minute consultation to see how relationship coaching can increase your love!

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Couple in Bed
Loving Couple

You don’t need to bring anything into this except you. Together we will discover the source of your distance. It works if you're married, committed, divorced, or single and looking for the best possible future. You’ve waited long enough. You’ve tried so many things on your own and there has been no magical turn around.

To get started on your relationship revamp, sign up for your free 20 minute consultation with Brett!

Brett is a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified life and relationship coach and is ready to meet with you to hear your story. He is ready to show you how to bring your relationship from roommates to romance! 

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Hi, I'm Brett and that's my lovely wife Kelsey! One thing about me that helps me in my job is that I absolutely enjoy getting to know new people and I cannot wait to meet you, too!  I am a licensed therapist and certified life coach helping couples and individuals have their dream relationships!  My job is to show you the cause of the problems in your relationship and to teach you new skills that will create the change you long for. Your job is to take that bold first step and reach out today- let's get started.

Brett Nikula | LMFT Therapist | Life Coach

This podcast is for you. The one who knows that there are so many great things about your relationship, BUT... it just feels like the arguing is endless. You want to stay together so bad, but it just feels so painful. Listen in. Here you will learn new ways of creating change. You will learn to understand the beast that is conflict and you will learn how to tame it. You will learn to create the connection you want and the partnership that is possible. You listen, you learn, you apply, you both change.

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