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How is Pivotal Approach different than other therapy?

Many people have gone to therapy before and quit. Sometimes therapy even makes the fighting worse, people argue the whole session, and leave in worse shape than when they arrived.

Therapy has the potential to help you recognize and change your patterns - but only if the therapist creates a different environment than your daily life.

Brett has unique training that allows individuals and couples to have productive sessions. Through a focused process we are able to quickly identify the root cause of pain and work to create lasting change.


Some reasons why therapy might not have worked for you and your partner in past may include:

The therapist had poor control of the sessions

Therapy is not the same as daily life. Therapists should have authority and control over the sessions so individuals do not pay for and waste an hour with unproductive arguments that you could have at home.  This doesn’t mean your therapist is bossy and talks the entire session, but that they coach and guide the interactions so individuals can learn new skills and experience a different pattern. We learn by doing, your therapist can help you rewrite your script, but only if they maintain control of sessions.

The therapist taught you new skills you weren't ready for

It’s common for counselors to teach communication skills like validation or active listening. These are helpful techniques, but are only effective when the relationship is healthy enough, and individuals are motivated to change their own behavior, listen better, and communicate more effectively. When tools are used prematurely, many relationships often fail to improve and then write off the therapy process altogether. 

The therapist focused on comments or behaviors instead of your relationship conflict cycle

Hashing out the details of fights often makes an out-of-control conflict worse. The particular words that were said are not really the point, and underneath it all lies a root cause of the disconnect or distance. By focusing on the details, you miss the cycle, and ultimately stay stuck in it.

That’s where Pivotal Approach is different.

Not all therapists or coaches are created equal.  Pivotal Approach brings the best techniques from both the therapy and coaching fields.  Brett is dedicated to helping discover the root cause of relationship strife and guides sessions to change relationship dynamics.  He helps you break free of your conflict cycle, close the distance, and cultivate a closer connection so both individuals feel fulfilled. Click below to schedule your free 20-minute consultation and discover how Brett can help you.

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