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Heal yourself; love your partner.

Therapy or Coaching:

Am I in the right place? 

If you relate to any of the following, you're in the right place:

  • ready for healing within your relationship

  •  struggling with past hurts or traumas, either faced as a couple or from before you met

  • ready for a deep dive into every aspect of your relationship

You: A Missing Connection.
Missing joy. Frustration. Disappointment. Distance. Hopeless. Fear. You have come to a point where difficulties in your relationship are sucking the joy from life. You feel stuck in a never-ending argument, always on edge, just waiting for the next one to pop up. You've tried so many things and you don't know where else to turn, you feel lost and hopeless. Is this how it's going to be forever? Is it time to give up?

Us: Focus and Communication.

  • We focus less on the issues of the week and more on the underlying emotional cause.

  • This will lead you to communicate with each other in a new way.

  • And ultimately results in opening up your relationship as you've never imagined.

  • Allowing you to enjoy each other again.


Hi! Brett here with my wife, Kelsey: I grew up on a small Minnesota lake and enjoyed many winters skating and playing hockey on it. Today I still enjoy playing the game. It's a passion. But over time I've found that providing couples with the tools to reconnect to the true joys of their relationship is really what matters and has become a life passion as well.

Together: A Better Tomorrow.

You will begin to feel the connection, the mutual love, and the genuine respect that are so important for a relationship to continually grow and develop. Dates will be fun again. Your passions will reignite. And you will look forward to your future, hand in hand.


You are here now and that means you’re ready.

Ready to reduce conflict.

Ready to grow your romance.

Ready to live an amazing life.

Ready to be the best of friends.

Ready to stay the best of friends.

What are you waiting for?

Follow the three steps below to start your journey; The journey to becoming the person you truly want to be and living the magic of your relationship.


Reach out, via call or text: (763) 412-1992.


3 Steps to your dream relationship:

Schedule a 20 minute mini-session

Enjoy powerful and productive sessions

Feel the difference with effective,   lasting change.




I am ready for a new connection in my relationship!

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