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Therapy For the Couple That Wants to Stay Together

Experience Effective Communication, Greater Intimacy, A Deeper Connection. Forever.

You're not where you want to be.

A lot of relationships go through hard seasons which often leads to people feeling hopeless and alone.


You know you want a satisfying, passionate, committed relationship.  One that is full of trust, security, intimacy and affection.


But you can’t seem to figure out how to get out of this feeling of disconnection, or how to keep the spark alive.


Getting support from family or friends can feel challenging since it feels too personal to disclose. Often if you do reach out to them their support and advice isn't helpful.

You're Stuck. You Deserve a Change.

Couples find themselves feeling stuck for various reasons.

- Sometimes divorce has been threatened and neither partner feels capable of even navigating the next interaction. 
- Sometimes couples feel stuck because addiction or infidelity has occurred and they are questioning whether trust and repair is even possible for them. 

- Other times couples feel stuck because as much as they try to communicate well, they just can’t seem feel understood or to get their needs met.


So often conversations turn into confrontation and conflict. Often one individual feels like they can't seem to get anything right, and that the other is so critical. In this dynamic the other is left frustrated that their partner shuts down and withdraws, leaving them feeling misunderstood and alone. If this sounds like you or if your dynamic is a little different the pain can be intense and the hurt can run deep. If it goes on long enough these types of dynamics can leave lasting hurts that need healing.

You have come to a point where difficulties in your relationship are just too painful to continue with.

You feel stuck in a rut with your partner, and you’re not sure where to turn,

but you know you need and want more out of this relationship. If you just could stop the pain.


Hi! Brett here with my wife, Kelsey.


I grew up on a small Minnesota lake and enjoyed many winters skating and playing hockey on it.


Today, I still enjoy playing the game. It's a passion. But over time I've found that providing couples with the tools to reconnect to the true joys of their relationship is really what matters. 


It is a great privilege and life passion.


I cannot wait to work with you!

Together: A hopeful future.

At Pivotal Approach we specialize in helping couples and individuals through the hard seasons of their relationships.

Your relationship is the one thing that is supposed to bring you the most joy in life.

We equip couples with the necessary tools to work as a team for a lifetime.


When couples have the right tools, their relationships remain connected, and doing life together is much more satisfying. Your passions will reignite, and this will have a positive effect on every aspect of your life.


You're here. Don't wait to get started.

Many couples and individuals put off seeking help and tell themselves that they will handle their relationship challenges on their own and then find that little changes.  Many people tell themselves they will “call next week” to set up a therapy appointment or think, “I’ll call if it gets worse.”  

It's understandable that many people avoid getting started with couples counseling.  But I want you to know that if you make that first move now, you will put yourself on track to feeling more confident, secure, and more satisfied in your relationship. Happy relationships bring us the most joy in the world, so let's finally learn how to have a successful one.

Take the next step.

If you’re ready to get support, click the “Schedule Your Free Consultation” button below.  Together, at your first appointment we will identify your goals and create a plan to move forward.

Through the therapeutic process you will begin to grow as a couple, learn to communicate effectively, and feel confident in your relationship. 

We know that there is a temptation to wait for things to get better on their own,

but people hire financial advisors for help with money, personal trainers to help get in shape, health practitioners to help with wellness, so it's natural that you would hire a relationship professional to help you with your love life.


If you want to get unstuck and get the tools needed so your love can last a lifetime, click below for your free consultation to get started.  We can help and your future self will thank you!

Let's figure this out together!

Sign up for your FREE 20 minute consultation!

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The answer

to your relationship issues

We focus less on the issues of the week and more on the underlying emotional cause of the shutdown, withdraw, criticism, and attacks in the relationship.

We tackle the root cause of your conflict which leads to lasting change and even tools to prevent the spiral of arguments and conflict.

You will learn to communicate in ways that lead to feeling heard, understood and validated.

You will learn new skills that lead to a stronger, secure bond, and higher levels of intimacy and passion.

Couples learn how to navigate life’s stressors and make decisions while being on the same team

Your relationship is ready for a solution that brings back the love, passion, intimacy and fun!



a free 20-minute Consultation

Create a personalized



with Brett


Feel the difference with effective,



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