Couples Therapy

Learn How to Connect Through Conflict

Communicate Your Needs, Understand Theirs

A missing connection.

When there is conflict in a relationship it takes so much of the joy out of life. Figuring out how to get back to the good times is so hard. 

There were times when your relationship had it all. When life seemed so good. Now, that seems so far away.

Every day in your relationship you find yourself in the same argument but the topics might change. A different event but the same conflict.


You have tried various ways to solve the issues but it seems hopeless at this point. Is this forever?


You are ready for something different.

Maybe you have told a friend all about it and they couldn’t help. Possibly, you have tried therapy in the past.

Why will this therapy experience be different?

By focusing less on the fight of the week and more on the underlying emotional cause, we work together to begin to communicate in a new way.


We will heal the past wounds. Take care of the current conflict. Then begin the build the relationship that you are wanting to experience. It is possible!

Let’s get focused and truly change your relationship.

You’re here and that means you’re ready.

To reduce the conflict

To grow the romance

To make the best life

To become the best of friends.

To stay the best of friends

By working with a emotionally focused therapist you will begin to feel the connection love and respect that are so important in a relationship grow and develop.

Dates will be fun again. Your passions will reignite. And you look forward to your future together.

Let’s sit down, take some control of the relationship, improve it, and make it last.

Modern Love
Couple in Bed

The best is yet to come.

In a simple, 20-minute session at no cost to you, I’ll show you the value that our work can create.

What are you waiting for?

Sit down with me today.

We can learn about your relationship goals, and I can share more about my approach to making them your reality.

Let’s improve your relationships today – starting with an initial consultation.  

Begin your journey to a better relationship. Call me today! (763) 412-1992.  I look forward to meeting you!

I am ready for change in my relationship, sign me up!

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You can change your relationship!