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Problems become smaller when navigated together.


I work with all individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their mental health or relationships.

Anxiety, depression, anger, apathy and other struggles are closely tied to the quality of the life and relationships we have.


By healing from within you can experience a life full of meaningful connections, happier relationships and a fulfilling life.

Therapy offers a personal guide to navigate and get through your current struggles.

When you prioritize mental wellness, you will see the benefits in all areas of your life.

It all begins with one healing therapeutic relationship at Pivotal Approach.

Let's get started

Reach the Top

You are full of possibility.

If you have one person who believes in you, you will always find your way.

- Sarah Dessen

When you schedule your free consultation, I will help you feel comfortable, understand what's causing your pain and show you how I can help. 


This consult will ensure you get the best possible care.

It can be intimidating to take the steps for mental health support, but it is the right choice.


The most successful people prioritize their mental wellness and have supportive professionals. This is why celebrities, influencers, and athletes care for both their physical health and their mental health. Let's work together so you can be at peak performance. 

Together we will create a managed life, healthy connections, and a clear direction forward.

Pivotal Approach provides someone who...

… guides people just like you every day.

listens to who you are.

… works hard to understand your story.

… will always champion your best interests.

… has a vast supply of proven resources.

... helps you open up to a new energy and zest for life.

... provides you with all the tools required for your future.

… is trained in life coaching, trauma, depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, and relationships.

... knows how to help so that you continue to grow, even after our sessions are complete.

Brett Nikula 

Get the Support you Need

because the hardest challenges are easiest when shared!

I am ready to get the support I want!

Bring me to my FREE 20 minute mini-session!

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