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Couples Relationship Quiz:

Are you a pursuer or a withdrawer in your relationship? Take this free quiz to find out now!


1.) No matter what you do, your partner shuts down. (Y/N)

2.) You tend to offer solutions to solve relationship disconnection or conflict and it might sound like complaining, pushing, demanding answers or more words, instructing your partner on how to say or do something better. (Y/N)

3.) You often feel alone in the relationship and sometimes feel you are the only one who cares about reconnection. (Y/N)

4.) You sometimes feel like you are doing most of the work in the relationship and that your partner doesn’t care enough to engage with you. (Y/N)

5.) You typically bring up problems to discuss, because you believe nothing will get resolved if you don't discuss things. (Y/N)


Total set 1 Y's =

1.) You look to avoid potentially painful situations or discussions in your relationship. (Y/N)

2.) You might notice disconnection or conflict but try to move on or ignore it. (Y/N)

3.) No matter what you do, your partner becomes critical or upset. (Y/N)

4.) When you feel like you can't fix or solve relationship struggles you might dismiss, minimize, push for the positive outlook, get quiet or shut down, or blow up or jab back in order to get some space. (Y/N)

5.) You might get told you are stoic, level-headed, logical, or emotion-less, but you often fear you are a disappointment to your partner. (Y/N)

Total set 2 Y's =

The first set of questions identifies pursuer tendencies while the second group of questions identifies withdrawer tendancies. The group of questions you answered yes to the most reveals your strategy for solving relationship conflict. If you or your partner can identify with either of these strategies, Pivotal Approach has solutions to make your relationship easier! If you are sick of your same-old strategies and want a new way to solve conflict in your relationship sign up for a free 20 minute consultation in the form below.

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Answer the following questions about when you are experiencing conflict in your relationship. 

Let's figure this out together!

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