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We fell in love with this name not only because Thursdays are going to be your new favorite day of the week (and you’re absolutely going to want to save that date for sure!), but also because we hope to Save the Date! in real time as well. Perhaps you’re out at a restaurant and the two of you just can't seem to stop bickering. We hope that you’ll be able to pull some words of wisdom from out of these emails and Save the Date! Beyond that, even, perhaps you’ve been looking forward to an event all week, but your partner seems to be reacting to every mention just a tiny bit frosty, leaving you feeling hurt and confused. Again, we hope you can turn to your inbox and all of us here at Pivotal Approach to Save the Date! And even beyond that, we hope to help you with those every day irritations, annoyances, slights, and issues that build up in order to Save the (every)Date! time and time again.

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