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Transform your relationship

Learn how to strengthen your

connection, love, and communication with...


Relationship Repair Course

Say goodbye to feeling frustrated, hurt and disconnected.

In the Relationship Repair Course you'll learn the skills you need to navigate conflict with respect and how to have conversations that increase intimacy.


just imagine

The pain is gone

The pattern of hurt frustration and confusion that usually ruins the rest of your day or your week finally is solved

Image by Elizabeth Tsung

it is possible

To feel close and connected again

We can regain control of the relationship.

got a clear direction on how to solve your problems.

Challenges don't have to spiral into conflict.

Imagine being a team vs your life...

How would your life look different if you were connected, teammates, and able to communicate in a clear and productive way?

​Lets help you solve the pain in your relationship and feel closer than ever before.

Image by Hannah Skelly

How would it feel to have...

a relationship where you can talk about the

hard things


conversations that are filled with compassion and respect for each other instead of escalating arguments

that heavy feeling in your chest lift a little sooner after conflict

a fulfilled, emotionally & sexually

connected relationship

Relationship Repair Course


makes this possible!

Having A Strong & Connected Relationship Is The Best.

 When you improve your love it can positively impact every part of your life: your health, your wealth, your kids future, and so much more.


Like joining a gym, this membership provides the tools and equipment you need to strengthen and grow your relationships. The one you have with your significant other and the one you have with yourself. You see, the most effective way to change your outside relationships for the better is to manage you.


For that reason, this course works if you are joining as a couple or if you're alone. It works if you're married, committed, divorced, or single and looking for the best possible future. 

After joining The Relationship Repair Course, you will gain immediate access to resources that will help you develop the skills you need to start repairing disconnection & build the relationship you desire.

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What's included

Video Library

Gain immediate access to the course videos. Each video will walk you through new skills and information that will support your relationship.

Complimentary Worksheets

Along with our lessons you will receive worksheets that help you apply each lesson to your relationship.

Request a free mini session

 Receive coaching from Brett a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship coach and get 1:1 help for your relationship.

Community Support

Meet & chat with other couples who have made the commitment to improve their relationship

So Much Inside!

1. 8 Simple Lessons providing step by step guidance for you

3. A free session with Brett

4. A Supportive Community For Life

5. Worksheets that help you apply what you learn

6. A clear direction back to a loving and caring relationship


Get started with our introductory course

Couple Holding Hands
Couple in Rooftop Cuddling

Other Topics Available

Developing Intimacy

Tools For Connection

Why Your Husband Shuts Down

Why Your Wife Is On Your Case

30 Day Relationship Challenge

Processing Emotions


The If - Then Trap

The Habit of Restarting

Looking In The Mirror

Sexual Intimacy


and many more!

Loving Couple
 We are enjoying the course and find its definitely thought provoking and interesting to see each others point of view on the different questions. Its helping us see what we tend to do when things are going awry. But for reals thanks for putting this together I feel like it's opening us up to topics and understanding of each other a little better. We cant wait to continue in the course!

Jaana & Anthony B,

i'm ready to transform my relationship

hey there

I'm Brett

Healing hard relationships is both my passion and a privilege.

It's a well-known fact that many therapists get into the business because they want to help people.


That holds true for me.


Growing up in a large family (11 kids!) I learned the value of feeling seen and heard. I learned by example the importance of good communication in order to keep a relationship strong.


I took that learning and compounded on it. I made it my passion.


I combined these two things, the passion, and the desire to help, in order to create The Relationship Repair Course.


I wanted to find a way to help couples keep their relationships strong, to rekindle the love, and to walk into the best possible future, together.


I have done that with this course, and I am excited to share it with you!

Holding Hands

hope is not lost

Sometimes our relationships start to feel a bit lost.

Communication is messy.

It feels like it's in extremes, either non-existent or charged with emotion.

 You start feel worried and alone...

Over the years I've learned SO MUCH about what causes disconnection in relationships and what to do about it.


You may feel unsure if you will ever get there,

but you CAN feel connected & happy again

You can learn to overcome your conflict cycle, and get to the bottom of your personal relationship dynamic.


You can get back what you once had.

All you need is a roadmap & support to help you get there. 


Transform your relationship for


What if my partner doesn't want to do this with me?

No worries if you're flying solo! Whether you dive into this course together or go solo, you'll gain valuable tools and guidance to navigate your relationship challenges. If you're ready to roll up your sleeves, even if your partner isn't quite there yet, join us. Together, let's build the relationship you're aiming for

How much time will this take?

The tools provided in this course are designed to nurture and develop your relationship into a lasting, close, and connected bond. We are committed to supporting you on this journey, no matter where you currently stand, for as long as you need. Whether you join for a month or decide to continue your learning journey indefinitely, you're welcome in this supportive environment!

Is this therapy or coaching?

Please note that our campus is focused on learning and is not a substitute for therapy. It's an online hub designed for couples seeking practical steps and tools to enhance their relationship. We're here to offer practical guidance for a healthier, more connected relationship, but we don't replace professional therapy services."

Is this anonomous?

To sign up, we'll need your email and a screen name. Your email is required, but don't worry – it's only visible to administrators, not other members. Feel free to use a pseudonym for your account if you prefer.

take the first step towards a connected relationship

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