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Are You Ready to Change Your Spouse?

Trying to change your spouse so you feel better? That’s an easy thing to do. I find myself trying to do this very thing pretty regularly. And I (eventually) know I am doing it because of how frustrated I get.

As it turns out, I can’t change my wife and she isn’t interested in changing many of the things I think she should! From my own experiences, when you’re in a marriage where you’re trying to change the other person, it ends up in pain and conflict. These experiences are echoed by so many others who end up in my office.

I think it’s time to begin to accept them. I think it’s time that we love them in all their quirks and differences. It’s time that we love them for both their similarities and their unique approaches to life. It’s time we choose them just as they are. What if this is just what’s needed to change them? What if this is what’s needed to change your relationship? Who knows - it may even change you.

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