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The Power of Love


No doubt addiction can be tough. On our latest show "Fighting for Connection," I talk with Derek and Leanne Niemela. They've been through a lot with addiction, pornography, infidelity and trying to overcome all of this to repair their relationship. Their story is about facing tough times and staying together through the power of love and forgiveness.


Derek struggled with addiction since he was young, and it caused a lot of problems in their relationship. But Leanne learned to be more understanding and supportive. Even when things got really hard, they stuck together.


We hear about Derek's past struggles with drugs, the fear of going back to them, and the trouble it caused with the law. But through it all, Derek and Leanne show us that love can help you get through anything.


This episode isn't just about their struggles; it's also about hope. Derek's decision to get clean, especially on Easter Sunday, and Leanne's faith during tough times, show us that things can get better. If you're going through something similar, know that change is possible, and you're not alone. Listen to Derek and Leanne's story to see how love can help you through hard times.

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