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Emotional Connection

Are you struggling to connect with your partner? Read on to find out what you can do about it.

Many couples struggle with finding ways to connect emotionally. Sometimes this changes over time. What once seemed natural now seems to take effort. Deciding to learn how to connect with your partner can do so much.

Some of you may have read that and thought ‘sounds ideal, but I know my partner won’t do these things with me, I’ve tried!’ Knowing that you can’t change your spouse is a good first step. That leaves you with the only person you can manage: you. Changing your approach and deciding to find new ways to connect with your spouse can make all the difference. I would suggest creating a list of one hundred ways you think could help you feel connected with your spouse. Better yet, invite your partner to join you in the list making. Why? You want to have fun with them, you want to be with them, you want to connect with them.

Being vulnerable and inviting them in may feel risky, but it isn’t. If this doesn't go well, you simply have an emotion to manage- you can do that! Alternatively, if it does go well, you have a whole new relationship to enjoy!

If you’re struggling with these concepts, join our Connected Couples Campus and let me help you apply everything you’re learning to your relationship!

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