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Go Ahead- Tell Your Spouse What You Want!

We know you're itching to get them to go do all that sweeping!

HOLD UP! Please, just wait a hot little second here. I know that’s exactly the phrase you’ve wanted to hear and now you’re ready to take action! But, don’t run off and tell your partner to get up off the couch and start vaccuming or cleaning out the garage just yet. Let’s think about why you want those things: What would change if your love starts washing those dishes every night? What’s going to happen for you if your spouse suddenly reigns in their spending habits? Would you feel more cared for? More understood? More connected?

Let’s start there. Share with them how good it feels to be cared for, to be understood, to be connected. Whatever it is for you. Let them know you want a relationship with these things in it. Who knows? Maybe they do, too! If you’re able to be solid on the bottom issues, the other ones become much more manageable.

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